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VX-2000 Series

VX-2000 Series

TOA's VX-2000 Series is a broadcast and public address system that satisfies all the requirements for general purpose and emergency broadcasts for a wide range of environments and configured for simple as well as complex installations. The total system is composed of a System Manager, Surveillance Frame, Power Amplifiers, Power Supply, Emergency Power Supply, Firemanís Microphone and a user-specified number of Remote Microphones.

The most important factor in any emergency system is total reliability. TOA brings its accumulated expertise in producing public address and surveillance systems that are absolutely relied on in numerous installations around the world. Fully compliant with EN60849 standards to allow use in the most demanding environments, the VX-2000 outstanding features include sophisticated failure detection measures that constantly check components and speaker lines for any faults or abnormalities which are brought to the notice of concerned personnel via indicators and buzzers.

The VX-2000 has been designed to offer a very high level of versatility to allow its use in various environments and features a scalable architecture that can be easily expanded as requirements dictate. A fully modular configuration facilitates assembling a system that is ideally optimized for a particular application with specific modules. The VX-2000 offers a high-performance cost-effective solution to any environmentís broadcast and public address requirements. The VX-2000 system can be configured to accept a maximum of 8 input slots for various input source modules, up to 8 remote microphones including 4 Firemanís Microphones, 2 voice-announcement boards as well as a built-in announcement chime. Up to 50 output zones with A/B wiring using a maximum of 5 surveillance frames can be administered.


System Manager

The VX-2000 System Manager has been designed and built to meet British and European standards: BS5839 part 8 and EN 60849. The VX-2000 is an input matrix unit that assigns input signals to 4 audio buses, and functions as the VX-2000 system's main controller.

A total of up to 8 units of the VX-200XI, VX-200XR, and 900 Series input modules can be mounted in a System Manager.
The VX-2000 can control audio signal routing, priorities, and peripheral equipment, while input and output control settings are performed by way of a PC.

Up to 2,000 system events and failures can also be recorded, and the log can be viewed from a PC.


Surveillance Frame

The VX-2000SF Surveillance Frame is the output matrix section of the VX-2000 system that assigns audio signals to individual zones from 4 audio buses. It can be extended to up to 5 units.
A total of 10 units of output modules and control modules can be installed per VX-2000SF.

Followung modules can be used:
VX-200SP Pilot Tone Detection module
VX-200SP-2 Pilot Tone Detection module with end-of-line module
VX-200SZ-2 Impedance Detection module with A/B loudspeaker lines
VX-200SI Control Input module
VX-200SO Control Output module