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M-66 Multi-Route Unit

  • Unit functions as 6-input/6-output splitter, mixer or microphone head amplifier.
  • Front-panel selector switch allows different functions to be simultaneously assigned to different channels, allowing a wide range of signal configurations.
  • MIC/LINE level selector switch and 20 dB PAD on each input channel make possible a wide range of precise signal settings, from microphone to line levels.
  • Connection of multiple M-66 units increases number of input and output channels.
  • Electrically-balanced inputs and outputs (No.1: Ground; No.2: Hot No.3: Cold).
  • Security cover prevents accidental changes in settings.
  • Mountable on 2-unit size EIA standard equipment rack.

MP-032B Monitor Panel

  • Provide aural / visual monitoring for multi-channel sound and program systems.
  • Large, easy to read watt meter for precise visual adjustment of output levels.
  • Accurate monitoring for systems having up to 10 separate program channels or 10 amplifiers.
  • Rack-mountable (3-unit size)

TT-104B Program Timer

  • Works with Spot Announcer (AM-821) to provide automatically timed announcements.
  • 4 independent output channels with 30 programmable steps per channel.
  • 1 week channel programming.
  • Merge of 4 channels into one possible.
  • Auto Off switch is independent of output channels.
  • 100 hour backup of battery system maintains stored programs and clock time function.
  • Rack mountable with optional bracket (1 unit size).

YA-1000A Fault Detection Circuit Module

  • The YA-1000A module is designed for use with VP Series power amplifiers and VM Series mixer power amplifiers. It detects breakages in the speaker-amplifier line loop by means of a 20kHz pilot signal. If there is any breakage, the amplifier POWER LED indicator goes out, activating the unit's relay output.

Impedance Meter

The ZM-104A Impedance Meter can measure the impedance of speaker lines easily in the same manner as a circuit tester measures resistance.