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EN 54-24 Ceiling Mount Speaker

EN 54-24 Ceiling Mount Speaker
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TOA's PC-1867F and PC-1867FC Ceiling Mount Speaker features an iron-made dome that prevents the fire from spreading in the ceiling in case of an emergency situation.

The speaker can be easily installed using the speaker mounting spring and the dome can also be easily mounted in the speaker mounting hole in the ceiling panel. The PC-1867FC is provided with a ceramic terminal block of screw type.

The PC-1867FC complies with the British Standard BS5839 Part 8 and is certified with EN 54-24.

Rated Input 6 W (for 100 V Line), 3 W (for 70 V Line)
Rated Impedance 100 V line: 1.7 k (6 W), 3.3 k (3 W), [6.7 k (1.5 W), 13 k (0.8 W): Internal wiring must be changed]
70 V line: 1.7 k (3 W), 3.3 k (1.5 W), [6.7 k (0.8 W), 13 k (0.4 W): Internal wiring must be changed])
Sensitivity 90 dB (1 m, 1 W, 330 - 3,300 Hz Pink noise)
Frequency Response 100 - 16,000 Hz
Speaker Component 12 cm cone-type speaker
Standard In compliance with the British Standard BS 5839-8: 1998 [10.3 Protection of Loudspeakers]
Dimensions for Fixing Hole ø150 ±3 (mounting hole) x 30 (maximum ceiling thickness) mm
Speaker Mounting Method Spring catch
Applicable Cables 600 V Vinyl-insulated cable (IV wire or HIV wire) Solid copper wire: 1 × max. ø3.0 mm or 2 × max. ø1.5 mm
Connection Push- in connector (Bridging terminal-2 branch type)
Finish Baffle: Aluminum, off-white (RAL 9010 or equivalent color), paint Grille: Aluminum net, off-white (RAL 9010 or equivalent color), paint Dome mounting bracket: Steel plate, bichromate plating Fire dome: Steel plate, black, painting
Dimensions ø180 x 11(exposed section) + 110 (D) mm
Weight 1.3 kg (bracket, fire dome included)
Accessory Rubber grommet…2, Pattern…1


System Manager

SX-2000SM can be used in combination with an optional audio input unit, audio output unit, and remote microphone of the SX-2000 Series to make up a complete matrix system and can perform audio signal routing and priority control for the entire system. The SX-2000SM itself is equipped with 8 control inputs, 8 control outputs, failure status outputs, failure data inputs/switches, access indicators mode indicators and failure indicators enabling a wide rage of controls and status monitoring. Each control can be performed by way of a CF card inserted into the SX-2000SM unit. Operations of the entire system can be recorded and their contents stored on a CF card as an operation log.
The SX-2000SM also features two power inputs making possible the creation of a dualredundant power system.

EN 54-16 Voice Alarm System

The TOA VM-3000 Series is a highly cost-effective combined emergency voice alarm system and public address system. The VM-3000 Series is ideal for small and medium-sized applications, such as shopping centres, retail stores, nursing homes, schools and fitness clubs. It incorporates such emergency voice alarm functions as continuous speaker line monitoring and a built-in voice alarm. This easy to install and set-up, all-in-one system also offers PA broadcasting, paging and BGM functions that operate with uncompromisingly high audio quality to ensure consistently high intelligibility. The VM-3000 Series is digitally audio processed and controlled, with full digital audio mixing and a built-in high-quality electronic voice message feature. The system may be set up directly using the controls and LCD display on the front panel, also enabling easy operation of the system. Operational versatility is further enhanced by a dedicated software configuration capability for entering and updating settings via a PC.


System Manager

The VX-2000 System Manager has been designed and built to meet British and European standards: BS5839 part 8 and EN 60849. The VX-2000 is an input matrix unit that assigns input signals to 4 audio buses, and functions as the VX-2000 system's main controller.

A total of up to 8 units of the VX-200XI, VX-200XR, and 900 Series input modules can be mounted in a System Manager.
The VX-2000 can control audio signal routing, priorities, and peripheral equipment, while input and output control settings are performed by way of a PC.

Up to 2,000 system events and failures can also be recorded, and the log can be viewed from a PC.