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Who we are

TOA Electronics:

»We supply sound, not equipment.«

»We supply sound, not equipment.«

Founded 1934 in the Japanese city of Kobe, we can draw
upon more than 80 years of experience in researching, developing and selling commercial and professional audio and security equipment.

You will find our systems in thousands of different places, such as schools, concert halls, shopping malls, skyscrapers, airports and sport stadiums. They are not only there to serve the security and surveillance but also for perfect transmission of concerts and music. Our pride is that we can use this knowledge to create acoustic sound fields for millions of people to make their lives safer and more pleasant.

TOA Electronics Europe GmbH (TEE) is located in Hamburg, Germany since 1974 and has branches in France, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Dubai and Saudi-Arabia.

Our Export Sales Team in Hamburg takes care of all other EMEA countries.In each country we have certified distributors, which take care of their country and your needs. TOA has a very good relationship to all of its distributors and is in constant communication to get best market knowledge.
Furthermore our European warehouse also located in Hamburg, ensures an immediate access to thousands pallets of TOA products to offer you a high delivery performance.