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Ceiling flush-mount Speaker EN54-24

Ceiling flush-mount Speaker EN54-24
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Uncomplicated and easy-to-use fittings cut installation time to half that of conventional models thanks to TOA's new proprietary SUS spring-based installation method.
Finely crafted design with thin panel that does not detract from venue architecture or interior decor.

Speaker Component 5"(12cm) cone-type
Rated Input 100V LINE: 6W, 70V LINE: 3W
Impedance 100V LINE: 1.7 kΩ (6W), 3.3 kΩ (3W), 6.7 kΩ (1.5W), 13 kΩ (0.8W)
70V LINE: 1.7 kΩ (3W), 3.3kΩ (1.5W), 6.7 kΩ (0.8W), 13 kΩ (0.4W)
Sound Pressure Level 94 dB (1W,1m 500Hz-5kHz pink noise)
Frequency Response 100 18,000 Hz (peak -20dB)
Input Terminal Screw terminal (steatite)
Finish Baffle: Steel plate, off-white, paint/Grille: Surface-treated steel plate net, off-white, paint
Dimensions 180 80
Fixing Hole 150 +-3mm
Weight 820g (1.81 lb)